Contribution of Weavers and Artisans to the Indian Cultural Scenario


The industry which has a very rich culture since the pre-independence period is the weaving and handicrafts industry. This particular industry has become has a considerable source of income for myriads of people of our nation. Perhaps the most interesting fact, which most of us may be blissfully unaware of is that the weaving industry has secured for itself the second position just after agriculture, as a means for employment and livelihood.

This has become possible only due to the fact that manpower and workforce is available at cheaper rates and what is more, the raw materials which have helped this industry to grow by leaps and bounds are available with great ease.

Historical Background

Let me now bring to light, the history of this industry and the workers. Well, historians and excavators have successfully discovered several proofs that lead to the fact, which the weavers and artisans have been trying to contribute to this industry from the times of the Indus Valley civilization. Even several historians have rightly pointed out that during the times of the great epic Ramayana, weaved articles were in use, which clearly prove that this industry has firm roots interwoven with the rich culture of India.


It is a fact to be proud of, that the weaving industry in our country is perhaps the most flourishing areas of mass vocation. Bottomless crude materials and a boundless supply of shoddy work have added to its prosperity. Because of the worldwide exchange liberalization and household monetary changes there has been a noteworthy effect on this particular industry.

The weavers and artisans not only weave colorful saris, bed sheets, shawls but also produce several other woven fabric, which almost all of us use in our day to day life. These artisans and weavers put their soul in their woven products which makes these products so beautiful that people from other countries too long to buy such hand made products. They have helped a lot to keep up the rich culture of India by producing such products that reflect our Indian culture.

For instance, most of us have heard about the Benarasi saris, which have made Varanasi famous and popular. Lakhs of weavers come to Varanasi to find a means to earn their livelihood and land up producing such wonderfully designed saris which are used for wearing by the ladies on several occasions.

You will be surprised to know of the fact that, more than 3 million weaving industries have cropped up in India. Another interesting fact is that more than 12 million weavers are employed to these industries to produce the best quality fabrics for the people.

Potential Threats

The major threats to the Indian weavers include poverty, little help from the government, and problems caused by middle men. In recent times, many weavers had committed suicide due to the prime cause of poverty.


However, several present initiatives from the end of the government have helped revive the condition of the weavers considerably. The present initiative of the concept of ‘Made in India’ also has helped to focus on the weavers and artisans.

In a nutshell, it can be said we should all come together to help the weavers, because it is they who have helped a lot to revive and maintain the Indian culture.